Membership Information

A Perfect Place to Enjoy the Sunshine and Warm Weather... Five months of Poolside Fun with Family and Friends...

That's what you'll find at Sunset Cabana Club. We’re accepting membership renewals and NEW members for the 2019 Season!

Look what we have planned for this summer!

Wacky Wednesday Treats ~ Kids Crafts ~ 4th of July Pancake Breakfast and more.

In order to register for a Cabana Club Membership:

• You will need to complete registration at Registration 2019.  There are two options for 2019 membership:

  • a family membership for $585
  • family membership with the addition of swim team members
  • Swim team only

To complete your membership, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to Team Unify Registration and click "sign in" if you are a returning member, click "start registration" and "create new account" if you are new.
  2. Once logged in, on the left hand side of the page click "system", then "start registration".
  3. If you are returning member, your information should populate into the fields, please verify that it is all still correct. If you are new, please fill in each required field.
  4. On the next page, you will need to register each person who will either be on the swim team or join as a Cabana member only.  Please note, if you are joining as a Cabana Member only, you have to register an adult, in addition to the kids.  Please make sure to scroll to the bottom on each person's registration and choose the "location" (Cabana Club Membership Only, Swim Team (club member) for people who are swimming and also want to be a member, or Swim Team Only).  The drop down menu below will ask which group you want to register to (age group for swim team, Child non swim team or club member adult.
  5. The next section "Additional Fee/Discount Question" is very important.  Please answer yes or no if you are registering more than one adult.  If you don't answer it, you will be charged an additional membership fee.
  6. Next click the boxes for the waivers.
  7. Here is the new part!!!  The next page will show you the fees that are owed.  Click "proceed to check out" and you will be prompted to enter a credit or debit card.
  8. Click "submit registration" and you are done!

The fees for this summer season are as follows:

1.       Cabana Club Member Only: $585.00

2.       Swim Team Only: $325

3.       Swim Team Club Members: $160 (plus the $585 for membership)

Please note, as we have a relatively new Board, we have instituted some new rules that we think will help the pool run more effectively and make your experience better. The one rule, tied to registration, is what we are defining as a "family membership". A family membership is two adults (mom/dad, two dads, two moms, mom or dad and a grandparent, etc.) and their children.  If there are additional adults you want included, they can purchase guest passes when they visit the pool, or register for their own membership. We understand that this is different than what was done in the past years, but we feel we need to make this change for the long term success of the Cabana Club.